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Working with Taylor greatly improved my confidence in my abilities. I was able to gain insight into my strengths and received validation for the difficult experiences and realizations I have been having surrounding our current landscape in health care and our nations inability to focus on the preventative care we need for our nation. I was able to strengthen my ability to guide and drop into amazing states of meditation for my rejuvenation and health / stress relief in these trying times during the COVID pandemic.

Taylor is a bubbly and beautiful ray of sunshine that brings so much joy into your realm of existence when you work with her. I can remember having feelings of just not wanting to do a video call but once on the call with Taylor I immediately felt better and refreshed. Conversations flowed and time flew by. I did not want to stop our discussions when the time was up. Once off the call with Taylor the increased joy and happiness followed me throughout the rest of my day.

I would recommend Taylor to anyone who is striving to find more peace, happiness, and health in their life. She has the ability to guide one to find what is needed to balance work, life, family, and stress to optimize health and wellness during difficult situations. 

- Ian K.

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I am in transition in both business and personal ways. I was working on offering new services and continuing to work on self-care. The sessions were helpful in the beginning for accountability and support. We worked on speaking from a place of authenticity and asking for permission when offering insight and feedback. The space to talk through fears and celebrations was significantly helpful in growth.

The support and energy during the sessions was very transformational. The coaching relationship developed into a very safe place of understanding and trust. It ended up helping me through things on many levels of self-confidence, open communication, even though grief and emotional pain.

I feel more sure of myself and trusting my intuition after being open and up front in our coaching relationship. My goals are still in flux, and I felt more confident about embracing the unknown of the journey and letting someone offer me support. I am not very confident in asking for help and it is something I am really working on. This relationship is one that I always feel safe, supported, challenged, and nurtured. I am so so grateful for the opportunity that was offered to me through these sessions. It helped me gain more trust in myself and my decisions.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels they need support moving forward with self-care, transitional stages, or emotional expression. Anyone who feels they need leadership in their life. Leadership in a way that is safe, nurturing, honest, direct, and full of compassion. It’s really a gift to be able to work with a coach who has your best interests, on many levels, at the top of their priorities during sessions.

Taylor, you inspire me and I am so grateful for this experience!

- Marissa M.

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Taylor is a phenomenal Nurse Coach. She takes her clients on a deep dive of self realization and reflection, and assists them in gaining control of areas needing attention without neglecting the other areas in the process. She quickly gains trust with her clients, and establishes rapport that offers complete confidence in both her experience and expertise. She demonstrates the perfect balance of accountability and celebration that a coach should express for a client. A true gem, and one I will work with time and time again.


-Tiffany B.

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Taylor is a powerful coach. Her reflections and thoughtful questions made me feel heard and seen. I appreciate how Taylor frequently asked permission to approach or to delve deeper into potentially sensitive topics. This helped me to feel safe talking with her so I felt comfortable opening up and being vulnerable during our time together. Taylor was able to suggest a book about the art of surrender (a key area of struggle for me). It was obvious that she was connecting with me from experience and willingness to "do the work" herself. Her intuition was spot on and I greatly appreciated the way she finished our session with affirmations. I would absolutely recommend Taylor as a coach!!! I felt a shift in perspective and hope even just within the first session.


- Sophie B

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